Cosmetics for
Essential Daily Affairs.

Makeup that suits you anytime, anywhere, any mood of the day. Simple, lightweight and essential in your daily affairs. It magnifies the necessary while protects your skin even when you wear it throughout the day.

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dyxy cosmetic banner

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DYXY Cosmetics Lovers Spreading the Love
Real people. Real proof. Real love.

“Jerawat kecut guna Facemist”

Aisyah / Customer DYXY Cosmetics

“Brush DYXY sangat lembut”

Siti / Customer DYXY Cosmetics

“BC Cream dia memang best”

Fasyabebo / Customer DYXY Cosmetics

“I mmg suka pakai DYXY”

Didie Alias / Customer DYXY Cosmetics

“Mascara yang paling power”

Haznira / Customer DYXY Cosmetics

“Warna Lipstick DYXY cun gila”

Iffah / Customer DYXY Cosmetics

Premium Skincare
for Natural Beauty.

Our skincare range works its wonders deep into your skin. No matter what skin you have, our skincare range will restore your skin to its origins and protect it for naturally glowing beautiful skin, even without makeup.

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dyxy skincare banner

Skincare Bestsellers

RM327.00 RM277.00

DYXY Skincare Customers Sharing Their Delight
Let’s see what do they have got say.

“Kulit rasa segar dan lembut”

Ernisha / Customer DYXY Skincare

“Jerawat kecut & parut cepat pudar”

Massiew / Customer DYXY Skincare

“Kulit saya kembali pulih”

Liezzero / Customer DYXY Skincare

“Masalah kulit breakout selesai”

Fazun / Customer DYXY Skincare

“Paling best dah xde blackhead”

Nyna Harizal / Customer DYXY Skincare

“Kulit semakin glowing”

Dr Yati / Customer DYXY Skincare