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Get everlasting moisture on your face and keep it that way with this set. What you’re getting: One DYXY Bubble Cleanser, one DYXY Essence Toner and one DYXY Nourishing Serum. Now, you’re ready to face the world. Special gift included, Pobbling Brush! So you can do mini facial at home!

Bubble Cleanser

Presenting the foamy deep cleanser that is soft to touch, yet works wonders deep down within the skin. Benefits: Using a mousse cleanser formulation, the Bubble Cleanser gently removes dirt and oil, while repairing skin and building new tissues. As a makeup remover, it cleanses thoroughly, leaving no trace of makeup residue. Highly concentrated with of anti-inflammatory and anti-sensitive component. The effect: soft and supple skin, laden with moisturisers. Suitable for all skin types.

Essence Toner

This miraculous liquid does a fine job on freshening and softening skin cells. Benefits: Making it ready to absorb all the botanical goodness to lighten skin. Giving it a fairer and more radiant looking skin. Effectively hydrates skin and retaining moisture at optimum levels. The effect: skin so soft, just like a baby’s skin.

Nourishing Serum

The serum that nourishes any skin condition. Made from botanical essence, this tiny bottle packs an illuminating effect. Benefits: Loaded with vitamins, it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It heavily moisturises skin and keeps skin soft and happy. The effect: youthful looking skin.

Set Basic Skincare

RM327.00 RM277.00