DYXY Sparkling Combo

$ 100.37

$ 20.31

1 x DYXY BC Cream

SPF 50 ++ protects the skin from UV rays Magic foundation is able to cover any blemish, jeragat and scarring on the face
$ 14.34

1 x DXYX Mineral Face Mist Green Tea

This product contains Vitamin E, Green Tea extracts fluid, Albumen, Vitamin C and Minerals.Mineral Composition (mg/L)Calcium (Ca++) :80 Chloride (Cl): 6.8Bicarbonate (HCO3): 360 Magnesium (Mg++): 26 Nitrate (NO3): 3.7Potassium (K1)1 Silica (SiO) 15 Sodium (Na4): 6.5Sulfates (SO4)12.665 Other Minerals
$ 10.75

1 x DYXY Brush

High quality, fat & compact fur. Super smooth & soft handle. It only takes 2-3 leaves. Foundation is not covered. Pleased to blend the foundation all over the face. Saves the foundation as the texture does not absorb into the brush. Effect more WOW when used with BC Cream DYXY & Face Mist DYXY
$ 9.32

1 x DYXY Cleansing Wipes

DYXY Cleansing Wipes with magical wipes that cleans our face quickly with natural green tea scents and can moisturize and soothes dry and dull skin.
$ 14.82

1 x DYXY Mascara

DYXY Mascara not only enhance your eyelashes. It also darken, thicken, lengthen, and define your eyelashes.
$ 10.75

1 x DYXY Lipstick


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