BC Cream + Brush + Facemist + Adv White + Lipkit

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BC Cream

The magic foundation that conceals blemishes and dark spots. It is a revolution of the BB Cream and a concealer. Formulated with minerals, vitamin E and Arbutin extract, it evens out skin tone for that polished complexion while caring for your facial skin. Colours: Beige or Natural. Benefits: Long wearing foundation with SPF50 ++, protects skin for up to 8 hours.  Smooth matte in texture. Suitable for all skin types. Cost effective as it can last between 3 to 5 months of usage.


Presenting the compact fur brush that conserves foundation. Another makeup essential that goes into the makeup kit. The perfect partner to DYXY BC Cream colour of your choice, the brush takes 2-3 leaves of foundation and blends effortlessly all over the face. Benefits: Its soft synthetic fur is firm, full and does not easily fall out. Washes easily and functions also as a Beauty Blender.

Green Tea Mineral Facemist

The enchanting mist. A spritz of the mist and thou shall glow instantly. It can also make your makeup last longer as it moisturises and freshens skin at the same time. DYXY Face Mist can be used as a makeup base. Benefits: Enriched with vitamins E & C, green tea liquid extracts and loaded with minerals to ensure skin is well cared for. Its fresh green tea scent lifts up any mood.

Advance White Mist

Introducing a revolutionary new sunscreen specially designed for face and body that contains titanium dioxide helps to provides instant whitening effect and UVA & UVB protection in just one application. Benefits: this water-light mist are rich with golden chamomile, oat minerals and coconut oil that moisturize and brightens the skin. Powerful anti-aging and skin tightening effect. The effect: leaves the skin feeling soft, moist and always protected!

Limited Edition Lipkit

BC Cream + Brush + Facemist + Adv White + Lipkit

RM402.00 RM355.00